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Ian MacGowan 

Improvisations on solo trumpet and flugelhorn 

When I came up with the name "Linear Obsessional" for 
this label, even though I hadyet to hear it, it was a 
recording like Ian MacGowan's"Windmap" I was 
thinking of- a simple idea carried through with single- 
minded purpose and inspiration. "Windmap" is 
straightforward enough- a 40 minute solo brass 
improvisation recorded at the artist's home, but what 
you hear is the artists imagination take flight as he (to 
borrow a cliche) follows a line. This single-take 
improvisation has only been edited to give index points 
and for the listener's convenience -play the 19 tracks in 
the right order andyou get the music as played. For me 

what Ian does on this recording is ecstatic and 
spellbinding- running through ideas and techniques 
often at a breathtaking pace and with great wit- the 
musicianship is extraordinary (if that's whatyou're 
looking for) and holding everything together like a 
magician — except there's no sleight of hand — the 
recording is to simple and unembellished for that, is lan's 
instant creativity ."Windmap" deserves to take its place 
amongst the classics of solo improvisation. 

-Richard Sanderson 
October 201 4 


Ian MacGowan has been playing improvised music since 
arriving from Dublin in 1990 and has collaborated with 
Paul Rutherford, John Stevens, Lol Coxhill and Eddie 
Prevost among others. He helped to institute the London 
Improvisers Orchestra in 1998 with Steve Beresford and 
Evan Parker after the Butch Morris London Skyscraper 
tour, and also founded The Gathering with Maggie 

In 2000 he recorded his second CD as a leader, 
"Daybreak", with Derek Bailey, Veryan Weston, Gail 
Brand and Oren Marshall. Into the twenty-first century, 

as well as regularly playing with UK and Irish 
improvisers, he has also performed with Wadada Leo 
Smith, Greg Tate's Burnt Sugar Arkestra, guitarists Han- 
earl Park and Reeves Gabrels, the Poet and Detroit 
legend John Sinclair, and New York based drummer 
Harris Eisenstadt. He has recently collaborated with 
drummer G Calvin Weston and has been featured on a 
version of John Zorn's gamepiece Rugby which will be 
released by Tzadik. 

MacGowan "is now a significant figure on the Emanem axis of 
British improvisers, a formidable technician and a profoundly 
intuitive music maker, with the ability to deliver exactly the 
right sound, or very often the right sonic texture, at the 
psychological moment." (Brian Morton, Point of Departure) 

MacGowan's.. "style has the free-form panache of aWadada 
Leo Smith or Joe McPhee, but his experience of other musics is 
never too far from the surface. Some of his gestures seem to 
derive from earlier forms of jazz, and there are moments of 
harmonic directness that)/ou could put chord symbols under. 
But it has all been thoughtfully moulded into a highly 
convincing and distinctive language." (Philip Clark, Jazz Review) 

Ian McGowan 

3. Marin 
4. Snamal 
6. Zonda 

7. Abroulos 

8. Minuano 
9. Khazri 

10. Scjuamish 

11. Gilavar 

12. Leste 
V). Simoom 

H. Sundowner 
\% Rasbaba 
l£ Libeccio 
17. Pali 

13. Abroholos 

Solo trumpet and flugel, 
London, December 201) 

Linear obsessional Recordings 2014