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all tracks Sue Lynch - Tenor Saxophone and Flute (track 3) 
Tracks 4 & 5 composed by Sue Lynch. 

1. Swinging Bulb. Hutch Demouilpied - Trumpet 

2. Gramme AC. Jennifer Allum - Violin 

3. Arc. Sharon Gal - Vocals and Electronics 

4. These Lamps. Words written andperformed by 
Louise McFadden, Rosa Lynch Northover- 
Electric Piano 

5. The Light House. Ruth Marshall - Violin 

Recorded at Oxo Tower Studios 
by Adrian Northover 2013/14 

Artwork by Sue Lynch 

"These Lamps" CD, results from a series of 
collaborations with musicians since20i2, whilst 
running The Horse Improvised Music Club. 

The Exception to this is Louise McFadden (who I 
have known since the 1980s) of B-Shops for the Poor 
and co/founder, vocalist sax player of The Remote 
Viewers to 2004. 

-Sue Lynch 


by Louise McFadden 

The gaze... .its fishy rod into wild vermiiiion 
Unknown red - the fisher parts the looming night 

Eternity of line - capricious presence, as the swift, at 

So we language ourselves; compute ourselves... .in 
the mist... . 

...bathe in the dust of blackening phoenetics from 
the damp of the grass 

That damp green knows no horizon; as flesh, into 
space, does not cling 

The pallor.. at that light establishing itself ! 

Drifting shards of cut cold. 

These lamps have such a space to cross 
Such aiiveness, remoteness 
So your shadows tail off 

Warm and human deep down in the grass 

Then growing and shifting... to the black trawl of 


Oh, why were we given? 

Why were we given these sounds and these shapes? 

Trailing like burdens, like ghosts 

One-sided, white, behind and beyond; to the aether, 

be gone. 

Us, gone. 

Touching nowhere. 

Linear Obsessional Recordin