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Virtual Vacation 

■Virtual Vacation 

The year is not so far from the present day, the 
location is irrelevant —tangible location has expanded 
into mere vapor in a digitalised climate. Still no one is 
left displaced. Only objects are displaced, to be 
reminisced as binary simulation projected into the 
minds of users who still reminisce flesh. 

Much beauty could be found in the physical world, 
with all its sculptural attributes. Nevertheless in a 
world operating on raw data, physicality has proven 
itself to be painfully anti-utilitarian. As a result 
mankind stripped the world of its objects, removing 
material in a fashion not so dissimilar to an ancient 
sculptor chipping away at marble. A constructivist 
effort to progress (into further simulation). 

The earths surface lays barren, existing only as a 
byproduct of the Anthropocene Era. Space and place 
no longer share a bond, place inhabits virtual none- 
space—the pilgrimage becomes thought as opposed 
to kinetic action. The contemporary user dreams the 
landscape, no longer imprisoned by flesh. It is the 
age of never ending vacation, the age of spectating— 
so watch, as fluoride quicksilver gently folds into 
synthetic blue crystal reef. 


1. Kanto 

2. Storms 

3. Winter 

4. Japan 


5. geographic 

6. destroy 

7. rain part 1 

8. rain part 2 

9. blizzard 

Recorded in Teesside 2017. 

Linear Obsessional Recordings