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Chris Cundy and Benedict Tayl 
Hidden Bomba 

Chris Cundy and Benedict Taylor 
Hidden Bomba 

1. The Sum 

2. Ocotillos Alone 

3. Pink Blaze 

4. Blue Missing Thistle 

5. Hidden Bomba 

6. Agressive Silver Lines 

7. In Vertical Lizards 

8. A Winter Detail 

Total playing time: 42’66” 

Chris Cundy - bass clarinet 
Benedict Taylor - viola 

These eight duos were recorded at the chapel of Francis 
Close Hall. It’s a space I’ve been familiar with for close to 
twenty years now, providing me with a home for various 
musical collaborations, concerts and recording sessions. 
Recorded by music archivist and friend Chris Trent the results 
give a close account of how the bass clarinet and viola 
respond and play out in the giant emptiness of that wooden 
framed interior. Titles such as Aggressive Silver Lines, or In 
Vertical Lizards were an attempt to create an inventory of 
imagined camouflage patterns. Our approach to this music is 
to explore the emergence of things. Music is not written 
down. They are improvisations and allow us a glimpse but 
they never lead to any kind of grand design. Just 
as those fabulous dazzle paintings on ships during wartime 
were designed to confuse the senses in the enemy's direction 
- the great arc of the thing is never completely hidden. 

Gesture and accident are things to play with and to provoke, 
but we welcome plain melody when it comes. Sometimes it 
lingers around us becoming faint, foggy, with sharper outlines 
it becomes almost recognisable. 

Chris Cundy December 2016 

Recorded at Francis Close Hall Chapel, 
University of Gloucestershire. 

Engineered by Chris Trent. 

Compiled and edited by Chris Cundy. 
Mastered at Calundronius by Chris Trent. 
Thanks to Stuart Wilding at University of 

Linear Obsessional Recordings 2017