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Browne/Thompson/ Sanderson 
Solitude- Reef and the Starry Veil 

1. To Suggest is to Create (6.35) 

2. Freighted with the Dreams of Time (8.25) 

3. The Artifice Surrounding Proliferation (18.45) 

4. The Darkening of a Song (16.10) 

Mark Browne - Saxophones/Percussion/ 

Gongs/Collected Objects 

Daniel Thompson - Acoustic Guitar 

Richard Sanderson - Melodeon/ 

Small Instruments 

For all Saints 

splitting the apple of discord in the 
garden of Hesperides. 

So much bletted fruit, 
wasted, discarded on the dewy 
grass as dawn’s rays, like cheap tinsel, 
stream careless across the sky. 

Bunkered, resistant to change, time’s 
tongue laps the salt tears of the years 
whilst dragged over the rocks and crippled, 
the summer ignites into autumn’s decay. 

A state of Wintery dreamless sleep prevails in this solitude, a 
reef of darkness, a veil besparked by stars. There is a long way to 
go, but with this late November release, the sounds of dreams 
hover with the lightness of a suggested aroma. This is the 
darkening song before Christmas, or the pure white Mass or the 
playing out of some forgotten artifice. 

Recorded by Mark Browne 
at the Girl Guides’ Hut, Aylesbury 
Summer 2015. 

Pinhole Photographs by 
Richard Sanderson 

Text by Mark Browne 

Design by Richard Sanderson 

Group portraits from snapshots by 
Kev Hopper 

Linear Obsessional Recordings 2017 


The previous Browne/Thompson/Sanderson 
album was “The 1926 Floor Polish Variations” released 
ia 2014 (LOR059)