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Poster: earshelter Date: Sep 8, 2022 12:00pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: earS110 : 3pr(iii)10ses

The 10th volume of 3priiises V/A field recorders is available with a new world tour of crazy sounds starting in Crete with underwater chorus by Astral sound, ritual music from Iran by Lieutenant Caramel & trees massacre in Montreal by Montreal city shredder.
Have a nice trip !

1 - Astral Sound "Underwater Chorus"
The sounds of decapods, sporadically accompanied by those of fish. The sound of an old rusty chain attached to a small boat. The entrance and docking of a large ship in the port to receive or discharge cargo and people. These sounds synthesize the underwater chorus captured with a hydrophone, at Sitia's port in Crete, on November 21st 2021.

2 - Lieutenant Caramel "Les archives d'Iran 1999 du Lieutenant Caramel"
Recorded at Shiraz's house of strength, Iran, 1999.
Sounds assemblage by François-Emmanuel Fodéré in 2022

3 - Montreal city shredder "Shredding Branches 2"
branches being shredded in a Montreal residential neighborhood (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve), made on June 17, 2021.
Mastering by François-Emmanuel Fodéré in 2022

Cover art by Slopoésie

earS110 - September 2022 -