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Rodent Tapes

Thanx for dropping by my humble Internet abode.. here you will find the good the bad and the ugly..., Once you've had your fill, and just before departing...I'm hoping you are able to spare some change as a donation, every dollar helps to keep my projects going. I appreciate your support and Interest. For more info, feel free to visit the main Rodent Tapes homepage

These and other Cd's by arzathon can be streamed on Spotify 
In this day and age it isn't easy being a truly Independent Artist, the hopes of the Internet making it easier have for the most part not come true. Of course getting heard and releasing material has never been made easier, the Record companies haven't got it their own way anymore. Anybody with a computer can in theory have his/her own record label these days, either to release their own material or with some effort and a bit of searching put together a small collection of Independent artists and release their material. 
I use my label to release my own material and samplers of artists I collaborate with, like many artists I live hand to mouth.. It's a struggle getting projects off the ground and seeing them finished..In fact I found that it was easier to get some financial return for my art back in the cassette culture days. Digital Downloads have made it a lot harder to receive any, even the smallest amount of financial rewards for my art.
Of course getting heard is in itself a reward, but, doesn't put food on the table, so, it is more than true that the internet is a double edged sword, on the one hand, Independent can again truly mean what it says, but sadly the buying public don't seem to have caught the bug yet, and if there is no support for artists such as myself, then eventually we will be pushed aside by the big Corporations.. all that will be found on this double edged Internet is the watered down pop that has so flooded the market and true art Music & Otherwise will become as extinct as the dinosaurs. Artists such as myself need the support from those even slightly interested in Independent art, By listening, buying  downloads when and if possible before art goes the way of the dodo.

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Artist/Audio Sculptor/Poet
Gypsy has been active in the underground music scene since the early 80's, . He also releases projects as Arzathon / Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste / Trolls on Acid / Dreamtime Troubadours. 
The sound of Gypsy varies, not being restricted to one area of EM, having elements of drone, Berlin school, dark ambient, abstract and more. Gypsy's sound is usually extremely psychedelic and very entrancing soundscapes for fans of mind melting music.


Audio is generally created for live performance or scoring for visual art. While those traditional audio creation forms are wonderful there are naturally occurring limitations allowing audio sculpting to impress in its own way. Audio sculptors are free to focus solely upon carefully sculpting audio in their studio in a natural way. Without coerced premature deadlines to meet other needs, an audio sculpture is truly done when it feels done by the sculptor. That allows an audio sculpture to be refined to a degree of sonic detail beyond (if not well beyond) the result provided by any other audio creation method, so allows the listener to be rewardingly immersed in (perhaps far) richer audio textures resulting in a deeply impressive sonic environment. An audio sculptor is typically a composer, producer, and engineer. An audio sculpture may be published in a basic form (perhaps ideal for background music), but then refined further for one or more later publications inviting the listener to become more focused and immersed in a deeper listening experience. As audio sculptures often cannot be performed live, at least in the familiar way spanning music history. The ideal public environment for audio sculptures is the Internet. As audio sculptures are always available on the perpetual globally networked "stage", unlike a performance for which you may be unable to attend, those sculptures can be accessed in their prime form at any time. As psychedelic, especially cannabis, legality continues to increase in formal recognition, the ability to experience audio sculptures in many powerfully new entertaining forms within the comfort of your home correspondingly adds value to this audio creation method.
An original and complex Audio Sculpted Psychedelic project founded during the 80s ... Music/soundscapes created by Arzathon, Dreamtime Troubadours, Trolls on Acid, Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste, featuring artists Don Campau, Music that draws you in, a spiritual /tribal experience like no other. Some pieces are heavily influenced by early krautrock infectious grooves but the whole musical signature consists of audio sculpted psychedelic electronic epics covered by harmonized acid rockin dynamics. Largely improvised and a dangerously lysergic sounding experience.
Arzathon's music is also available for streaming on Spotify. . .


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Jeff Kaplan

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